Re: 4th grade Social Studies Ideas

    On 8/17/11, Joan wrote:
    > I am new to a 4th grade position....the Social studies book
    > we are using is boring and has few ideas. Was wondering if
    > others could share websites which they have found useful
    > with their programs.
    > Thanks in advance!!

    You can have a class economy. Start with them applying for
    jobs. They get paid, and they pay rent for their use of the
    classroom. Then in October have a recession and give them pay
    cuts. Do an entrepreneur literature study to collect ideas to
    start their own classroom business. Give the entrepreneurs
    grants to help them out. When most of the class has shifted
    over, study advertising, and have them make their own
    commercials. Use a green screen for them. Also, include a
    stock market with stocks for each business. Also, put in a
    welfare system. If one student can not pay rent, all other
    students' taxes go up.