Re: lice
    Been there, done that...

    Every year, usually around Jan/Feb it appears those nasty
    little creatures make their way into my students' hair. Our
    school nurse is pretty good about catching it, checking
    sibling's hair, and keeping them out until the nits/critters
    are gone. When speaking with one of my students about lice --
    she asked me, I didn't bring it up -- she was shocked when I
    told her all the linens, stuffed animals, hats, etc, need to
    be either run through the dryer at a really high temp or
    bagged up in heavy duty trash bags to kill/suffocate the lice.
    She was not aware of that and said mom only treated her hair.
    I knew this because, yes, my daughter came home with lice
    after a sleepover and infamous pillow fight and I read up on
    how to get rid of them and prevent the spread.

    This little girl's family has always had a problem with them
    spreading, and since we had our talk, and mom's been bagging
    and superheating the clothes/sheets, they haven't had a

    But gosh do I hate HAT DAY at school! Really? And I know
    creative play is necessary, but hats and clothes used by other
    students need to be treated too.... I always bought my
    daughter her own batting helmet, baseball cap, etc.... Never
    wanted to deal with those critters again. Never again did I
    want my daughter coming home with a brown paper bag containing
    lice comb and cream.... Was like she had a dirty little

    I will tell you, those plastic combs that come in the kit,
    don't do squat... I purchased this blue metal comb that I
    could sterilize in between uses. It was so fine, it would get
    all the bugs and the nits in one swipe. Unfortunately, it
    wreaks havoc with curly hair, so a few strands might come out
    too... It was uncomfortable for my daughter, but within two
    days, we were nit-free. 10 years later, I still have the
    comb... I hoped I never would have to use it again, but after
    a student hugged me and was found to have lice... well, out it

    Mayo Clinic info on head lice