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Re: Is it too late to get in on the Orlando gathering????

    NEVER TO LATE TILL WE ARE ALL HOME AGAIN!!!LOLBill.....everyone who is welcome to come out to play in
    Orlando while we are there, so of course you are more than
    welcome, it will be good to meet you, too!

    In various threads down this board you will see various things
    about the hotel, plans for the week etc........I have linked
    to one in this post, where lori has posted the hotel info (at
    wonderful cost of $35 a night for us going to the gathering)
    so keep a close eye on this board and book when the rest of us do!

    Check out the thread of ideas for what we all want to do and
    add your own thoughts about which activites you might like to
    do, or post your interests and see if lori can suggest
    something other than the parks if thats what you prefer!
    (that thread starts with these 2 posts
    * ORLANDO GATHERING 4/14/04, by lorilynn.
    Re: my suggestions of possibilities 4/16/04, by Skippy!)

    Arriving on 21st is not a problem and should fit in well when
    booking rooms if you read what lori has posted about our hotel
    deal she got for us!

    Now, all you have to do is watch for posts on this board for
    updates on things and then come out and party when we get to
    18th ;-)

    Glad you want to coem and play


    link to loris post below about hotel and booking