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Anyone interested in meeting up with Skippy somewhere in
eastern NC, August 10 or 11th, please contact me:

[email removed]

I'm trying to get input on things to do, places to go, &
people to see! All are invited and welcome! I know many
of you will already be in school, but won't you play hookey
for a day or so???? I have a feeling it will be worth it!
Again please contact me as soon as possible so we can let
Skippy know the when's and where's!! (If you can't come to
us, would you like us to come to you????)

carolina jj
5th /blockquote>

As much as I would love to meet with Skippy and all of ya'll,
it will be the 2nd and 3rd day of school. No way we could
meet on the weekend before or the weekend after?
I hate that I will miss all of you!

Take care and have enough fun for...See More
Jun 13, 2004
~carolina jj /blockquote>

Alrighty...for all those who have expressed interest in
meeting somewhere in eastern NC, why don't we...

~go to the OuterBanks...there is lots to do, beaches,
shopping, Light Houses, The Lost Colony outdoor drama, etc.

Skippy says she can come out and play on both August 10th and
11th if you gu...See More
Jun 17, 2004
rere /blockquote>

At the beach, we could just (for one day) go down to the beach
& sit & sun & talk, if the weather is good. Also, remember
there is the outlet mall & lots of good seafood restaurants,
oh the best place is JK's!!! anyone been there???? rere in NC
On 6/13/04, ~carolina jj wrote:
> Anyo...See More
Jun 27, 2004
sunnie /blockquote>

can't do the sitting in the sun thing on the beach -- meds
cause extreme sensivity to heat and sun.

Where in the outer banks are you thinking about going?
Jun 27, 2004
hollyfizz /blockquote>

Where abouts you meeting? fizzy
Jun 28, 2004

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