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Re: attention 1998 Cherokee NC gathering attendees
Bill T 6 NC

    On 10/16/05, help planning? wrote:
    > So you can back out and cancel?
    > No way.**************************************************************
    LOL!!!! I likely had that coming. My credibility isn't the
    best on this board, I know.

    But now that you have had your little jolly poke at me, how
    about we redirect ourselves to the question?

    I am asking two things really?

    first, is anyone interested? Second, is there anyone who will
    help plan this? That way, even if I don't come (and I will
    have to be on another planet to miss it this time), things will
    still go on.

    This was primarily directed at those who took part in the 1998
    Cherokee gathering but i would be delighted if others would
    join in too.