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I placed the order for t-shirts last week, and they should
be in any day now. I ended up ordering 7 extra shirts in
order to meet the minimum requirements (financially
speaking, it was the only way I had a chance to break
even), so if you forgot to order yours, you still have a
chance. I have 2 L, 3 XL, and 2 2X all in Navy. If you'd
like to "claim" one, let me know... I'll be bringing them
all to Austin.

For those of you who sent your orders in, I'll mail them
out sometime the first week in June. :)
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Jennifer/ GA /blockquote>

Pecos, since it's so close to the gathering, you can just give
me the money in TX... I'm bringing all the extras with me then.

KAM, I sent out all the ordered ones a few days ago, so you
should get it soon!!
Jun 17, 2006
KAM /blockquote>

Jenn: Did you get the email I sent to you on Monday? I
hadn't heard back from you. I know you are busy and had
your interview today....hope that went well for you.
Sincerely, KAM
Jun 21, 2006
Jennifer/ GA /blockquote>

No, KAM, I didn't get it... try the link above.
Jun 21, 2006
Bonnie TTTT /blockquote>

We're still waiting for our shirts, too. Are we being rudely impatient?
Jun 21, 2006
KAM /blockquote>

Jenn: Just sent another email....get it? If not what am I
doing wrong. I click on your name and when the box comes up on
the the first line it has Re: line says
name....I put KAM and then it asks for I put my email
addy there? That is what I have been doing...maybe I am doing ...See More
Jun 21, 2006

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