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Re: working on Austin trip info .. subject to change ...

    Where is 6th Street listed? LOLOL

    > just some ideas and by no means do you have to follow what
    > the group is doing or two or three can do this or that ...
    > after breakfast and talking i thought we could do this if
    > folks wanted..
    > Elisabet Ney Museum. The Museum is the former studio and
    > portrait collection created by nineteenth-century sculptor
    > Elisabet Ney. Venerated as one of the oldest museums in
    > Texas, the Elisabet Ney Museum offers visitors a lovingly
    > preserved glimpse into early Texas history and into the
    > life of a creative and spirited woman who lived life
    > passionately in her own inimitable way.
    > site see in cars on the way back to hotel..
    > Swim and rest
    > Then dinner at the Ice house ( as a group)
    > Saturday
    > After breakfast ...
    > 1.Visit the Old Bakery & Emporium - a registered national
    > landmark, now a shop filled with arts & crafts made by
    > local senior
    > citizen
    > 2.Shop at the downtown Bluebbonnet Market Place.
    > 3.Take a Historic Walking Tour of downtown Austin
    > Early lunch/ dinner( as a group) then back to the hotel
    > rest and take the nightly boat ride to see the bats
    > Sunday
    > Breakfast and some folks are leaving and some are staying
    > good day to tube the San marcos river...