Re: Thinking of Becoming a Health Science Teacher...
Posted by Kristi on 7/22/03
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    I have been a Health Science Teacher for 5 years, and I
    absolutely love it!!
    I had my BA in Sociology and I went to Chapman University for
    my Single Subject credential. I then had to take the SSAT in
    Health. To get into the credential program, I had to have
    taken the CBEST.
    You may just want to contact whichever college you are
    interested in and find out what the requirements are for
    entering the credential program.
    Good luck!
    On 7/02/03, Kelly Sloan wrote:
    > To Whom This May Concern:
    > Health and Science have always been subjects in
    > school that I have been extremely interested in; thus, I
    > would like to learn more about becoming a health
    > science teacher in the state of California.
    > I currently have a B.A. degree in Psychology from UCLA
    > an an A.A. degree from Ventura College.
    > I have not taken any tests such as the CBEST or the
    > SSAT.
    > If someone would be willing to contact me and explain
    > the process of preparation to become a teacher of
    > Health Science in middle school or high school, I would
    > greatly appreciate it.
    > Would I need to go back to school and obtain a
    > credential? Do prior courses transfer? (I was thinking of
    > attending a Cal. State.)
    > I look forward to hearing from you. Please email me at

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