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I am a 75 year old high school receptionist in a private high school where I taught for 15 years. A student--6'5" star football player, an 18 year old senior, with braces got in my face when I asked him to go where he belonged and said "What you going to do? What you going to do?" I reacted immediately to what felt was a threat to my safety by hitting him the jaw. I am suspended for the rest of the year. Nothing has happened to the student. There are two female students who said I stepped on his foot which is not true. I know about the laws for touching children. Every morning I open the building between 7:30 am and 7:45 am. Generally there are no other staff members in the building or office. Classes begin at 8 am As far as I know there was no one in the office which was dark. I feel violated and fearful. In all my years of teaching or working in the office have I ever felt this way. No one cares about the school staff when they find themselves in this situation. We are not allowed to...See More

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