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I recently retired from a twenty-five-year career as a licensed Driving Instructor. During that time I met many young students who were aspiring writers of poems and/or stories

Recently I've begun to pursue a life long passion for telling stories. I have a simple idea. I am convinced that many student writers would be very intrigued and delighted to hear their written stories and/or poems come alive, recorded by a Professional Voice Over Actor. Done correctly with accuracy and enthusiasm, I am convinced it would serve to greatly encourage them to further pursue their writing efforts.

To this end, I have set up a special "Profile" on FIVEER, a Freelance Website, where I would be offering to record a student's written work for only $5.00 for up to five hundred words. The process is simple. I would ask them to send me a poem or sample of their writing. We would continue to correspond in the FIVEER chap room to address any requested additions or revisions to my recording....See More

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