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    Re: Sarcasm in the classroom?
    What's the learning objective?

    On 2/20/13, ETCstudent wrote:
    > As a prostective teacher, I've seen many different
    > professionals use sarcasm in the classroom, both as a way
    > to manage the classroom, but also just to lighten the
    > mood. I can observe the short term effects, but I was
    > wondering if anyone has observed long term effects of using
    > sarcasm to communicate with students. Is it as damaging as
    > all the textbooks say it is?

    Difficult to think of a situation in which a teacher's sarcasm
    would "lighten the mood" in any classroom.

    Federal law says that every classroom needs to be a safe place
    for the children. Sarcasm is generally mean-spirited; the word
    literally means "stripping away the flesh." Have never seen
    this issue mentioned in any textbook, but in general, teachers
    should avoid any form of communication that might make the
    children in the room feel uncomfortable or threatened.

    So it's a bit disturbing that you've run across many different
    "professionals" who feel that sarcasm is an acceptable way of
    communicating with their students. Sounds like you've had the
    bad fortune to encounter a lot of teachers who fancy themselves
    stand-up comedians. The classroom is all about the children's
    needs, not about any teacher's inner desire to bump up his own
    ego at the students' expense.