Re: Go Math

    Last year was our second year with 'Go Math'. Yes, a lot of
    pages, but they go very quickly! I usually complete the large
    book by the end of April and use the second book, which is a
    review book, as RTI practice, send home as extra practice or
    as a review for previously taught skills as needed throughout
    the school year. Usually I have a few of those pages at the
    end of the year to fill in during the last 4-5 weeks of school.

    We were very concerned with the large booklets too, but it
    turns out that we move through them quickly and the
    manipulatives are and come with the program purchase.

    Another hint.... I tear the large books into each unit so that
    they are handled easier by the students. Yes, a little extra
    work, but I prefer them in smaller sections. One of my
    colleagues has his students use bookmarks to keep track of the
    page they are working on.

    Good luck.