Re: PLCs & Team Planning

    Are these plans the specific daily plans or more
    general and cover a longer period of time (week,
    month, etc)?

    On 7/28/14, Cat wrote:
    > I am looking for ideas on how to effectively lesson
    plan as
    > a team. I teach in Orange County, FL and we are
    required to
    > use a district template which is extremely time
    > In the past, we have each taken a subject to plan.
    Our team
    > consists of seven teachers. Any ideas on how to
    share this
    > work load? Perhaps a rotation system where
    everyone has an
    > opportunity to plan all the subjects over the course
    of the
    > year?
    > Any ideas on what is currently working for you and
    your team
    > would be much appreciated! Thanks :)