Re: Sight Words

    I teach about 40. We have 30 with our reading series and I
    add about 10 more. Most years all my kids learn the list by
    the end of the year without a problem. My kids keep word
    card bags that we use to play games and practice. I also
    made up my own songs for each word that we sing to help learn

    I know that many schools have lists of 100+ words. By the
    end of the year many, if not most of my kids can read 100+
    words, but that is because they can then sound out CVC
    words. Most of my sight words are words that can't be
    sounded out using a cvc pattern (ex: play, the, to, what, are
    etc...) On our report card the kids get a grade on reading
    cvc words and another grade on sight words. I think that
    the schools that have 100+ words are lumping them all