Re: What are we 'teaching' ?
    apology from post

    I apologize. I did not realize that I was on a chat for
    kindergarten teachers, where I do embrace discovery learning. I
    teach at older students. Sorry.

    On 8/07/14, answer these inquiry questions wrote:
    > I am considered a much requested master teacher. I find these
    > posts to be a sad indication of the downfall of our profession.
    > Of course, if one is to oversimplify the task of learning, the
    > claim can always be made that providing a circumstance can
    > facilitate a child learning. We can not compare a toddler
    > learning to walk, which is developmentally a musclular task,
    > with higher learning, and more sophisticated mental tasks.
    > Simply put, we have many studies that clearly show that teacher-
    > led, directive lessons produce students who outperform students
    > in classrooms that feature inquiry based learning. Look up the
    > wealth of studies that have proven through testing and
    > measurement the amount of "learning" a student can accomplish in
    > a class with a dynamic, teacher driven method. My students
    > don't get into groups and learn from each other what they all
    > don't know--get real. This is why private schools, which favor
    > more traditional instruction, outperform the product of public
    > schools. I am appalled to hear such faulty logic to defend
    > methods that project the teacher as a useless ornament in a
    > classroom where, supposedly, the students are floating around in
    > groups learning from each other. Why not resign your position,
    > and allow uncertified aids to prompt students to engage in such
    > a fashion. You don't go to a tax accountant, a doctor, a golf
    > pro for lessons only to hear that you learn by discovering the
    > answers. Really? What a sad commentary on our schools today,
    > and sorry for the students having to find their way in such an
    > inefficient system. If a student learns this way successfully,
    > in fact, they never needed such a "teacher" to begin with. Why
    > contain them to the four walls of your classroom. Send them out
    > in to the world where they can use inquiry learning and
    > discovery to learn far more. You are merely holding them back.
    > On 8/07/14, Valerie wrote:
    >> I too, am not entirely sure with the purpose of you questions
    >> and comments but I'm in total agreement with what you say and
    >> love the quotes you used. I teach in Ontario, Canada, where
    >> full-day Kindergarten is just in the final year of roll out.
    >> Full Day Kindergarten is being adopted, in many boards, with
    >> a strong play-based/inquiry based approach. I've heard the
    >> term Reggio more times in the past 3 years than I've ever
    >> heard in my life. We are being strongly encouraged to ease
    >> away from our traditional 'teacher' role, and
    >> become 'partners' in learning alongside our children. One
    >> thing that I have noticed is the push to throw away any
    >> programs that we had been using in the past (e.g., phonics
    >> programs such as Jolly Phonics). We, as teachers, are
    >> embedding learning in more authentic ways. We are abandoning
    >> themes in favour of inquiry, which allows the children to ask
    >> questions, do research, plan, collaborate with their peers
    >> and be involved participants in the inquiry process. I love
    >> it and find the children to be so very positive and motivated
    >> towards learning. I am looking forward to a new school year
    >> and to see where it takes us.
    >> On 8/06/14, JAE wrote:
    >>> Feedback please :)
    >>> this is my view on 'teaching' as I don't believe we are
    >>> there to attempt to teach children anything, but only there
    >>> to provide opportunities in which they can learn at their
    >>> own interest and readiness.
    >>> What are we 'teaching' ?
    >>> So you're a teacher?
    >>> Ask yourself this, what do you teach?
    >>> And your answer? Well maybe you would answer: I TEACH
    >>> children, I TEACH adults, I TEACH Maths, I TEACH Physics, I
    >>> TEACH English. . . well let me distinguish. . .
    >>> How? How you do you TEACH these things?
    >>> According to the dictionary to teach means "to impart
    >>> knowledge to or instruct (someone) as to how to do
    >>> something" Well I guess the next question would be who
    >>> needs to be taught? Infants? Toddlers? Children? Parents?
    >>> Adults? Sisters? Mothers? Fathers? Brothers? Who?
    >>> Everyone needs someone to teach them right? Wrong.
    >>> Why not? It's really quite simple. . .
    >>> Children don't need to be taught to walk, but they need the
    >>> space to take their first steps and the motivation.
    >>> Children don't need to be taught to talk, but they need the
    >>> opportunity to be involved in conversation
    >>> Children don't need to be taught about the environment, but
    >>> they need the opportunity to experience creation
    >>> Children don't need to be taught to be polite, but they
    >>> need the opportunity to experience positive communication
    >>> So you see the difference, teaching vs. providing
    >>> opportunity
    >>> As humans we are born as a social being. Right from the get
    >>> go you are surrounded by other humans and through each and
    >>> every interaction your perception is adaptable. We rely on
    >>> other people to shape our views and values of the world but
    >>> not everybody is compatible, so how can you TEACH a room
    >>> full people the same thing when it is generic and
    >>> mechanical. Society dictates what everyone should know but
    >>> if not everyone is the same and learns in different ways
    >>> why are we put in box and told right from wrong and that we
    >>> don't belong.
    >>> When children are born their minds are open and free from
    >>> the influence of society's pressure, so instead of telling
    >>> and measure, let them explore and treasure.
    >>> There is no need to fill a child's mind but instead provide
    >>> opportunities in which they can open it.
    >>> As Albert Einstein said "I never teach my pupils, I only
    >>> attempt to provide conditions in which they can learn".
    >>> It is really that simple. If we changed our thinking and
    >>> took a step back instead of teaching we could provide the
    >>> right track. Open their minds instead of filling with ABC,
    >>> from there they can see the world with the full potential
    >>> of what it could be.
    >>> How would you like to learn? Would you appreciate being
    >>> told what to think or having the opportunity and support to
    >>> explore.
    >>> Being told that sand is rough or smooth, cold or hot, wet
    >>> or dry, or experiencing the fresh air with your feet in the
    >>> sand and sun on your skin.
    >>> So I ask you again, what do you TEACH?
    >>> And at last I'll leave you with this
    >>> Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember,
    >>> involve me and I'll understand.
    >>> Hide not your talents, for use they were made, what is a
    >>> sundial that is kept in the shade.
    >>> Just think.