Re: CA. TK-K classroom organization/no aide

    On 8/23/14, I feel your pain wrote:
    > I don't know what a TK-K class is but the fact you have
    > 27 kids is a challenge in and of itself. I teach full day
    > K and few of my students have been to any sort of
    > school before so I spend a long time just acclimating
    > them to the whole idea of school. We do a lot of
    > singing and moving around and I incorporate the
    > curriculum into that. Lots of finger plays, games, etc.
    > Some of the old stand-by songs by Hap Palmer and
    > Jack Hartmann get the kids up and moving and still are
    > about counting, letters, colors, shapes, etc. I use
    > songs and finger plays to get their attention and to
    > settle them down, bring them to the rug, etc. It's a
    > slow release (and really slow some years) but it pays to
    > spend the time now to establish the routines and
    > procedures so that eventually it becomes automatic for
    > them.
    > Have you tried brain breaks? YouTube k brain breaks. Also go to
    give movement breaks
    > On 8/23/14, K. Fair wrote:
    >> I have 27 students (7 girls, 20 boys... and about half
    > of
    >> them are still 4). It is a TK-K class in which the State
    > of
    >> California expects curriculum to be different for
    > these two
    >> age groups. I guess I am just looking for some
    >> encouragement. We have been in school 5 days and
    > have
    >> been working on structure and routines. I want to
    > start
    >> teaching, but am finding it difficult with boys who
    > blow on
    >> each other, kick, hit, whine, are defiant, and have
    > very short
    >> attention spans.
    >> Anyone else out there with this battle?