Re: 6 year old wetting himself

    Since this is his first school experience and his first time
    away from his mother, the stress and anxiety of school
    may be triggering it. Some parents are anxious and the
    child picks up on it. The parents may excessively
    question the child about every detail of school which in
    turn makes him anxious or afraid to go to the bathroom
    because he might miss something.

    Another possibility is that something may have happened
    at home or school that scared or upset him and that is
    how he is handling it. Also, bathroom issues can be a
    symptom of s*xual abuse. I'm not saying that any of
    these things happened but a sudden change in behavior is
    often triggered by something traumatic that happened to
    the child.

    I would try to get at the root of the problem and
    meanwhile, back off the efforts to get the child to use the
    bathroom more than you would for any other child. Just
    the focus on this might be making him anxious. If the
    adults accept the pull ups and move on, he may relax and
    the issue may resolve itself. You may never find the cause
    and "this too shall pass".

    On 8/30/14, @Flacka wrote:
    > He does ask for drinks a little more than most
    > not a lot. He has definitely came out of his shell and is
    > so shy anymore. Mom has taken him to the dr and there
    are no
    > medical issues. He started wetting himself at home the
    > time he did at school. He now wears a pull up daily and
    > continuously wetting himself even though we send him
    > go "try" several times throughout the day. Just want to
    > something to help him!