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I just found out one of my new kindergarten students parents can't read. How do I deal with this? Obviously I will communicate via phone as often as I can but everything from homework to reminders need to be read. How do I support this student when the parent won't be able to?
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I deal with this often Welcome to my world - I have had parents who can't even write their own name, don't know how to spell their child's name, don't read even in their home language, etc. I still send things home in writing and more often than not they have an older child, trusted family member or friend who can read it to them. I use pictures on my supply list or if t...See More
Aug 27, 2014
Cc You could sent out mass texts or call outs to parents for important messages and even to communicate directly to her. Our school uses a call out system to all parents and there are many apps that will allow you to set this up for your class. Hope this helps.

On 8/27/14, Jillian Sarkovics Giglio wrote: > I just found out one of my new ki...See More
Aug 30, 2014

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