Re: Little bottles
    just my 2 cents

    I shy away from using medication bottles or even the lids
    with the children because I worry that when they see similar
    containers at home that they might think it's OK to open
    them and possibly use what is inside (medicine).

    On 9/15/14, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    > Hi....I'm new to Kindergarten this year but not new to
    > teaching.
    > I have a collection of about 12 little plastic bottles
    > from medication -- cleaned out, labels removed, Goo-
    > to remove the stickiness from the labels. I can't bear
    > to throw them away and was thinking they could be used
    > for some sort of center or art/craft activity.
    > Does anyone have any ideas? I can save more if I need a
    > class set (26 for me).
    > Thanks,
    > Donna