Re: letters

    On 9/21/14, Beth wrote:
    > Hi:
    > I am having a very hard time teaching my student's their
    > alphabet's. I don't know what else to do. Can you Please
    > Help me!!
    Hi, I have been teaching Kindergarten for almost 20
    years. If you have students that come to you with
    absolutely no letter knowledge it can be frustrating.
    (Usually they know some/or all of the letters in their
    names, most capital letters etc...) But starting from
    scratch is difficult. I spend the first few weeks of
    school giving the alphabet a quick overview....covering a
    few letters a day, reading alphabet books, showing alphabet
    videos, and then working in small groups on "name
    puzzles"...(since we should all know our name) Then we
    begin working more in-depth with one letter each week (the
    first letters we focus on are m, a, s, t, p)...working on
    writing the letter, identifying the letter, and the letter
    sound. Recently my school has been usuing the "Ashlock"
    program (a regimented procedure to practice and learn
    letter sounds etc...)