Re: letters

    Some things that I use

    1. Leap Frog Letter Factory video - we sing the song at random
    times also - I also suggest it to parents as
    Christmas/birthday gifts! You can often get a double set =
    letter factory and word factory for under 10.00

    2. Jack Hartman Learning Letter Sounds -

    also his letter workout songs I think
    Dr. Jean has something similar

    3. add physical movement to the letters/sounds - I teach my
    kids sign language. Adding that physical movement helps stuff
    stick! We have a curriculum abc chant that we do daily that I
    add sign language to. We also sign the letters while singing

    4. cross the midline - say your letters while standing doing
    windmills or touch the elbow to the opposite knee or something.

    5. stand on one leg or jog in place while saying letter/sounds
    along to a power point of the letters