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Hi, We use TERC Investigations math program and are finding that some kids who have met the K Spring math benchmarks in September are not being challenged. I would like some ideas or programs to challenge these kids. I really don't want a bunch of worksheets, but instead some engaging problem solving math activities or other ideas to extend their math thinking. Does anyone know of a good book or other resources or programs that are easy to implement? Thanks!
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Betty Ann Right, Bedtime math is not designed to be class curriculum. I just thought it might be something to suggest to parents of your high performing students (or maybe all of them!). It could also be a springboard for you in trying to think of different approaches and ways to extend math thinking.

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Oct 8, 2014
jacque/Wa/K-1/nbct 2006 Look at the Math Tiles carried by Joyful Learning. They easily differentiate for every child. Each child can progress at their own pace and each set is more challenging. Students have to (in Set A) count objects, place numeral tiles in the correct place by the picture and then transfer their info to a hard copy. The sets progress from A and B which...See More
Oct 8, 2014

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