Re: smothering child with his talking

    On 10/09/14, Lily S. wrote:
    > am in need of some serious help. I have a boy who never ever
    > stops talking. I mean never. And it is mostly to me or any
    > adult. He interrupts me when I teaching or reading a story.
    > Form the moment he walks in he is on me with stories.
    > During table work he follows me around or when another
    > teacher comes in he clings to her. You could call him
    > suffocating.
    > I talked with his mom ( she wasnt surprised) and she said her
    > husband is like that
    > and she ignores her son and when "J" is like that she goes
    > into the bathroom and slams the door. I told her we need to
    > establish boundaries as he is allowed to do this and it is
    > interfering with his and the others' learning.
    > I have had many kids ask to be moved away from him.
    > have complained. Today we had a field trip and the
    > came to me in tears and said, "OMG J never shuts up. I can't
    > take it. He interrupts and keeps going on and on. I want to
    > shoot myself he is so annoying."
    > sigh....
    > I have given him sticks and each time he wants to talk to me,
    > he needs to give me on. Oh they are gone within 2 minutes.
    > Ive also tried stickers when he IS quiet, but that doesn't
    > happen.
    > I have moved him to sit by himself and he just shouts " when I
    > can come back?" over and over.
    > I tried a point system that if he can be quiet for 2 min in my
    > story, he earns a point. 5 points can earn some lego time with
    > me. ( he is craving adult attention) Yeah not working.
    > He is consuming all my time and I am going batty. I have
    > taught over 20 years of K and this kid is doing me in.
    > Yesterday he wanted to tell me all about pumpkins and
    > rambling. I said, " hang on let me finish this and I will let you
    > share. He kept talking on and on. I try the finger over the lip
    > and he ignores it. It is like he is so focused no matter what I
    > say he just rambles on.
    > A girl stood up and said, "J!! enough!! Let the teacher talk" yes
    > they are sick of it.
    > I do think he is ADHD as he is so impulsive. He grabs things
    > from my hand, he crawls under the table etc... mom suspects
    > that too but isnt interested in pursuing that.
    > She is very young like 24 or so and english is her second
    > language.
    > It is sad when the mom says, " He drives me nuts. I want to
    > lock myself in a room to get away from him. Or drug him up
    > with benadryl just so I can get a break."
    > Our social worker is not available to help me. no other school
    > support. I am on my own. Academically he is a strong
    > No worries there so that is why I can't get support from him.
    > Please offer some suggestions. I am dreading going to work
    > because of him. 1-1 is sweet since he's so outgoing, but after
    > that, forget it. He takes egocentrism to a new level.
    > I wish I could recommend Mom pursue some outside help but
    > am not allowed to do that. She told me everyday she tells him
    > " it is not all about you. Let others talk."
    > She does recognize this as a problem as he is the same way
    > in all environments but I don't think she is equipped to
    > discipline him.
    > After school today a fifth grade girl walked by and J ran to her
    > and hugged her. She pulled away and ran away fast. J's mom
    > saw this and said, " oh she is our neighbor. He is all over her
    > all the time and it scares her." YES!!!
    > Needless to say he has no friends.