Re: smothering child with his talking
    My take

    One thing that stood out to me was that school hasn't been in
    session that long and you have tried and abandoned several
    different techniques. Often when you start a plan, the behavior
    gets worse before it gets better. So, I would sit down with the
    mom and come up with something that you can both use so he
    is getting the same message and expectations at home and at
    school. Then both implement it, be consistent, and stick with it
    for at least several weeks. Keep in touch with the mother or
    have some sort of reporting system which may also act as a
    support system for both of you.

    If you use the stick system and he only has so many sticks and
    when they are gone, they are gone, then, when he tries to talk,
    cut him off. Immediately. Don't let him get a word in. Remind
    him he used his sticks and he is DONE. I would give him one
    stick every 5 min. and then if he can manage that, gradually
    increase the length of time between giving him the sticks. Also,
    set a timer on your phone or have a little timer around your neck
    and give him a short amount of time that he can talk with his
    stick - maybe 15-30 seconds. Give him just enough time to say
    a couple of sentences and then his time is up. Again, as he is
    successful, shorten the amount of time he is allowed to talk. You
    will need to enlist the help of the class so they know what is
    going on and can help. This isn't going to be a quick fix but
    changing learned behaviors rarely are.