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am in need of some serious help. I have a boy who never ever stops talking. I mean never. And it is mostly to me or any other adult. He interrupts me when I teaching or reading a story. Form the moment he walks in he is on me with stories.

During table work he follows me around or when another teacher comes in he clings to her. You could call him suffocating.

I talked with his mom ( she wasnt surprised) and she said her husband is like that and she ignores her son and when "J" is like that she goes into the bathroom and slams the door. I told her we need to establish boundaries as he is allowed to do this and it is interfering with his and the others' learning.

I have had many kids ask to be moved away from him. Parents have complained. Today we had a field trip and the chaperone came to me in tears and said, "OMG J never shuts up. I can't take it. He interrupts and keeps going on and on. I want to shoot myself he is so annoying."

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a few ideas My hat is off to you kinder teachers because I could never do what you do. But this is a tool that I use with older students who blurt. I teach them to "rub your lips" and I tell them that it will wake their brain up so they can think about waiting to talk. It sounds like this little guy has zero impulse control. Also, you might try role playing wi...See More
Oct 9, 2014
Rita/PA I had a little girl many years ago with a talking problem. She was so much less problematic than you describe! (Wow!) At my wits end, I finally taped her as I was reading a book. SHe got to hear her voice being so disruptive. Her talking lessoned after that.

Here's a unique idea one of my former student teachers used: She told the kids to,...See More
Oct 14, 2014

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