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How long do you designate for each conference.....some teachers at my school do 30 min, some 15......
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Steve Not all conferences are held on one day. We also offer conferences before or after school that whole week. (that takes care of maybe 6 parents, and I only have 21 students so that saves 1 1/2 hours by itself. As for mental breaks, most conferences last 20 minutes or so, so I have built in mental breaks.

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Oct 24, 2014
kinderesl All our conferences are held after regular school hours (no days/afternoons without kids - its a contracted expectation I will have conferences with parents twice a year after school) I get a translator one day, 3-7 pm for my Spanish conferences. If a parent requests a different day I try to accommodate them. conferences can also be scheduled befor...See More
Oct 25, 2014

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