Re: Veteran's Day

    On 11/09/14, jacque/Wa/K-1/nbct 2006 wrote:
    > We were getting ready to attend a Veteran's Day assembly
    > Friday so I initiated a discussion about Veteran's Day
    and why
    > we were celebrating it next Tuesday. I asked, "What is a
    > Veteran?" Several hands went up and when I called on a
    > boy he very confidently stated, "Well, it's someone who,
    > know, works with animals"....the dad helping me that day
    > about peed his pants he was laughing so hard! I calmly
    > explained that yes, the two words sound similar but
    someone who
    > works with animals is called a "veterinarian" and what I
    > to know was what did they think a "Veteran" was.....I
    > had to tell them, two others were conviinced it was
    someone who
    > works with dogs/cats/etc........gotta love Kindergarten.

    I had a similar experience with my preschoolers last week.
    I asked if any of them knew what a Veteran was. They
    didn't so I explained that it's a person who is or has been
    in the military, Air Force, Navy, Army. They were familiar
    with those terms. I asked if any of them knew anyone in
    the military. They said they didn't. I told them they
    did, my husband is in the military (my preschool is in my
    home and the kids know my husband well). They were so
    excited about that, so I asked him to come bring a model of
    one of the planes he flew down for them to see. He talked
    a bit about his plane (C-9, medical plane) and then passed
    it around. One of the kids looked at it with a VERY
    strange look on her face and then said "It's really small,
    I don't think you could fit in it". I guess I should have
    explained what a "model" is. ;-)