Re: Field Trip
    Vet Teacher

    On 11/29/14, Lucy wrote:
    > Hi All,
    > I am planning our first field trip with my K kids and would
    > love to hear how you prep your kids for trips. If you
    > don't mind, what exactly to you say to them as far as
    > behavior expectations? I really want them to want to be on
    > their best behavior... how can I make that very clear to
    > them?
    > I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions and
    > appreciate your help.
    > Lucy (New to this!)

    I tell them things like - we're excited to be going on this
    trip and it's not something we do every day so we may meet
    with some new situations - and while we're excited. We want
    to still be thinking ! even though we're excited and we don't
    want to be silly - there's no good reason to be silly and
    silly isn't safe. We certainly don't want to be showing off
    anything but our maturity... our good sense and our caring
    for each other and the people around us. We always want to be
    good members of the community and that includes where we are
    traveling to - we want to use our soft voices and want to
    show patience if we have to wait a moment here and there. We
    certainly want to thank anyone who helps us along the way.

    I go for reasons rather than the phrase best behavior - I
    want that from them every day. I'm not sure that young
    children really have any idea of what 'best behavior' means.
    I like to operationalize it with telling them no showing off
    and no silly - those are Kindergarten type behaviors that
    crop up on field trips.