Re: Making a move to TK

    On 1/22/15, Paige wrote:
    > As a 26 year K teacher veteran, I know I should not be so
    > nervous about a change to TK for next year but for some
    > reason, I am terrified. I am sure this sounds silly.
    > But.... the developmental growth between young fives and
    > the traditional K students is huge. I adore teaching
    > reading and I know I will be missing this huge part of what
    > has become so second nature to me. I guess I am just hoping
    > to have someone tell me to breathe and it will be ok. Are
    > there any teachers out there who has made the move and is
    > so happy they did? So curious for feedback. Thank you in
    > advance.

    I teach an academic TK. We get about half way through the
    skills that our Kinders do. By the end of the year my
    students know letter names, sounds, and about 25 or more
    sight words. They can print and write simple sentences. I run
    an academic morning, and then we have psychomotor time
    outside, as well as activity time where they can choose their
    activity, in the afternoons. I find this a good mix. They are
    capable of doing so much more that preKs, but tire and lose
    interest faster than kinders, so this "work hard in the
    morning and socialize/play in the afternoons" works very well
    for me. I have taught TK for 6 years now, we started before
    the state passed the TK law.