Re: Ideas for small gift for parent helper?
    Karen M.

    Idea #1: Does she like to cook? A cute plain apron, the
    canvas-like kind, with #1 Chef written on it and signed by
    all the kids and you.

    Idea #2: Along the same vein, a plain canvas tote bag with
    everyone's names on it. Who doesn't need another tote bag?
    To carry camera equipment around in!

    Idea #3: If she uses a digital camera, you could get her a
    digital card for the camera. Good to have, but not very

    Idea #4: Has there been ONE book that you've read to your
    class, that she's said "Oh, how sweet!" or "I really liked
    that story!"? You could get her a copy of it, and again,
    have all the kids sign it, along with you.

    Hope this helps!

    On 2/04/15, Jacque/WA/K-1/nbct 2006 wrote:
    > I am in the process of renewing my National Board
    > this year and have a parent who has filmed many different
    > days/scenarios--she does photography for a hobby, though
    used a
    > school camera for my work since I needed a video. She did
    > amazing work on this and I'd like to give her something to
    > my gratitude. The problem is, she and her husband are very
    > well off, lack for nothing...what can I give her that would
    > truly show her how wonderful she's been but not cost me an
    > and a leg? Ideas?