Re: 4 year old not in school yet

    may have gotten the vibes that her
    > mom wasn't ready to let her "baby" go or maybe the little
    > girl just wasn't ready to go, didn't like the place or any
    > number of other reasons. So many preschools have
    > gotten on the "academic train" and make the kids sit and
    > do worksheets, give them homework, etc. which is totally
    > inappropriate IMO.

    I would lean towards Flacka's possible reasons. The little
    girl went willingly the first day or two so I would think it
    had something to do with the way the classroom was being run,
    or something similar. I think young children are very
    intuitive and we adults should honor those gut feelings more
    often then we do. My oldest walked up to the classroom door
    of first grade, turned around and announced that she didn't
    want to go in there. She had been in Montessori for three
    years so it wasn't the thought of school that made her feel
    that way. We had her visit the classroom the previous spring
    thinking that would give her a positive impression of the
    school where bigger kids went. She just had a feeling that
    this was not going to be a good place to be. Unfortunately,
    she was right and it was a horrible experience for her (and
    the other children in that classroom). It set the tone for
    attitude towards school for the rest of her years in school.
    She was intuitive about doctors and dentists too and was
    always right I would find out years later. We had to deal
    with a lot of resistance about even leaving the house each
    day just to go the block to school until she finally gave in
    and went through the motions of going because she had to. She
    never could say what it was that she didn't like about the
    class except that the teacher made rude body noises and never
    said excuse me. This community still allowed spanking of
    students if given permission by parents and they were doing
    that outside the door of the classroom with the one boy who
    was terrorizing the classroom. There were all sorts of little
    things that added up to a classroom that didn't "feel right"
    to a little one. I am not saying that was what necessarily
    was happening with the niece's child's school, but children
    catch a lot of little things that adults just miss or have
    grown thick skin to ignore.

    Our grandchild was taken out of K after several months of
    really disliking school and being forced to go. When she
    changed schools the following year for first grade, there
    were no issues whatsoever and she has been happy ever since.
    The school she goes to is more relaxed and a lot less
    stressful academically. Different children do better in
    different types of settings.

    I bet OP's child she is talking about will do just fine when
    she goes back to school when she feels ready.