Re: iPads vs District

    There was an article I read this week about this very subject
    at one of the big districts in our area. They have already
    provided student ipads to the high schools and had had plans
    to expand to the lower grades within the next couple years
    until all the schools have student ipads. In the article,
    they district is probably going to drop the ipads and go to
    another device that Google supposedly maintains with no fees.
    The district has found out that it was not cost effective to
    use ipads because it took way too many hours of the IT
    department to clean up all the ipads and then reset them for

    There is another district near here that issued ipads to all
    their students from K through 12 so that they can have e
    learning days on the snow days they have to close normally.
    It is a very small district so I am assuming that is why all
    the students have access to an ipad. The district was
    pleasantly surprised that more students participate in e
    learning days (actually sign on and do the work), then the
    number of students who show up each day for non snow days. I
    know this part is a threadjack but I thought it was
    interesting to read that the issued ipads can work for some

    I have gotten the distinct impression from reading any
    article regarding student ipads that the IT departments do
    clear out each ipad at the end of the school year. I bet what
    your district is doing is for the same reasons. That is too
    bad about the loss of the donations/your money. I don't know
    enough about technology to know what might be done to save
    your investments if there is one.