Re: iPads vs District
    K. Fair

    On 2/25/15, kinderesl wrote:
    > We have two district apple accounts that can be used to load
    > apps. One is for free apps only. I can load anything
    > (educational of course!) that is free. All paid apps MUST be
    > purchased through the district account with prior approval.

    I own an iPad. I was issued one by the county. I have permission
    to use three (the same three) out of a locked cabinet in another
    teacher's room. The tech person told me I could use my apple id
    to install any apps I want on all 5 of the iPads. This has made
    using the iPads a joy! The three I borrowed only have apps for
    the older students... and one app that is a drawing program. It
    is useless and a waste of time! I am so happy to be able to use
    these educational apps in my room! There are many available that
    are outstanding! Maybe I'll change my tune at the end of the year
    when they want to wipe the iPads (3)clean. I guess I'll just wait
    and see. For now, I'm loving the use of them!