Re: iPads vs District

    > are outstanding! Maybe I'll change my tune at the end of the year
    > when they want to wipe the iPads (3)clean. I guess I'll just wait
    > and see. For now, I'm loving the use of them!

    I am told that our District will wipe all the iPads clean at the end
    of the year. I had created a new iTunes account for the classroom
    iPads, and have changed that password. I'm told (right now) that
    unless the District finds a way to lock the iPad into the District's
    iTunes account, it is a simple thing to change the iPad back into my
    iTunes account. Then just as simple to re-download (but just more

    My kids love the iPads. I make them part of Language rotations,
    putting individual students onto certain apps for "Differentiation".
    For Math rotations, I can do the same thing. We did have one get
    dropped and the glass broke. Fortunately, our school bought the
    replacement insurance, so in the meantime, I got a newer one. I
    found it easy to change out of the District's iTunes account and
    into my classroom account, to reload all of the old apps. On
    Fridays, my students have more choice in the apps: they can choose
    anything they want. One of the most popular apps is an old Windows
    95 game: Number Munchers.