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I am wondering how many of you work for districts that insist on breathing down your neck about the apps you put on your student iPads/tablets.

Our district has been, up to now, pretty easy. Get parents to donate iTunes gift cards, load up to 5 iPads with a given app, use accordingly.

All of a sudden, they're telling us that the iPads will be wiped clean in June and we must apply for approval to reload each app (different form for each app). If we spent our own money to buy the app or used a parent-donated gift card to buy/upgrade the app, too-bad-so-sad.

Needless to say, I'm upset. I've spent almost $100 in parent gift cards on apps (all of them educationally sound), not to mention hours-upon-hours to do the research to find the apps, download them, and try them to ensure they're good ones.

So I'm doing my research, to see what other districts do. These are school-owned iPads.

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K. Fair On 2/25/15, kinderesl wrote: > We have two district apple accounts that can be used to load > apps. One is for free apps only. I can load anything > (educational of course!) that is free. All paid apps MUST be > purchased through the district account with prior approval.

I own an iPad. I was issued one by the county. I have per...See More
Mar 11, 2015
> are outstanding! Maybe I'll change my tune at the end of
> the year when they want to wipe the iPads (3)clean. I
> guess I'll just wait and see. For now, I'm loving the use
> of them!

I am told that our District will wipe all the iPads clean
at the end of the year. I had created a new iTunes account
for t...See More
Mar 14, 2015

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