Re: Behavior and mom

    I disagree that calling the mom when the child is obviously
    not sick won't solve the problem because the mother is part
    of the problem.

    For the child who is a "frequent flyer" at the clinic I will
    suggest that they put their head down and "rest". Usually
    when they see that the other children are engaged they
    suddenly feel better. I will also sometimes tell them to get a
    drink of water or wait and see how they feel after lunch,
    recess or whatever. I think they sometimes just need to get
    up and move around and saying they don't feel well and
    walking to the nurse gives them that chance to move.

    > The great response above answers the tattling question.
    > Now, for "always wanting to go to the nurse" I'd put the
    > ball back in the mom's court. When the child says she is
    > not feeling well, call the mom and tell her her daughter is
    > not feeling well and she needs to come pick her up. A few
    > times having the mom pick up the child when the child
    > clearly is not sick should solve the problem.