Re: what are we doing?

    On 3/07/15, Riley wrote:

    > read through a few posts. Does anyone else wonder what the
    > heck we are doing to 5-6 year old kids. I read mostly
    > about assessment. What in the world are we doing. Hoping
    > your kids can still have some "choice" time?

    Yes, I wonder too, and so do both of my kinder colleagues. My
    kids are already tired of being tested -- I've done DIBELS
    twice, MAPS twice, and trimester-testing twice. Our principal
    bought a subscription for the school to IXL and my kids *hate*
    it. They are pushed to write (Lucy Calkins' Writers Workshop)
    and most of them just aren't ready either mentally OR

    I give my kids Choice Time on Friday afternoons. It's not
    enough, but I can't figure out where else to give it to them.
    That's when I put out a lot of stuff that I know 5 and 6 year
    olds love, like my stuffed animals for dramatic play, puzzles,
    math manipulatives just for fun (geoblocks, unifix cubes,
    pattern blocks, teddy bear counters), and so forth. My
    principal walked in one time and wanted to know why they were
    playing! After I explained, she sat down with some of the
    kids at the blocks and wanted them to tell her the names of
    the shapes of the blocks. When she got up, I explained that
    children their age need to play with these tools before they
    start using them, to freely explore them. It's Piaget!

    The Somebodies who developed Common Core had a real problem:
    they either knew nothing about how children's brains and
    bodies develop, or they ignored it. Common Core has one good
    thing going for it, and that's some sort of educational plan
    for all so that a military brat can move from CA to FL and not
    lose a year or repeat a year of education. But they are trying
    to push kinders to do things that they aren't ready to do, IMHO.