Re: what are we doing?

    On 3/14/15, pktchr wrote:

    > back to a different district in IL. A little consistency
    > would have been helpful. Being a "military brat" isn't easy.

    For the record, I hope no offense was taken with the use of the
    term "military brat". I'm a wife of a retired military man, we
    raised two "military brats", and I have taught on a military base.
    I saw for myself that "a little consistency would have been
    helpful", and, being a "military brat" (or spouse) is NOT easy. In
    my first grade classroom on the base, I had kids who came from all
    over: Florida, Japan, Guam, San Diego, Texas. I started with 23
    students at the beginning of the year, and by the end of the
    school year, I had 22. But only 7 of those had been with me all

    Some of those kids were reading and writing when they came. One
    didn't even know his alphabet, his numbers, or anything about
    school. (He'd been to kindergarten but not sure what he learned
    there, not even how to line up.) One turned 7 in September,
    another didn't turn 5 until December 2nd. (The state school
    required Aug 15th as the turn-5-to-enter Kinder date.) Common
    Core of some sort would have been a good guideline, but as I said
    earlier, I think they took it way too far.