Re: what are we doing?

    Just today, I made the comment that I am surprised each
    time I assess. I feel like all I do is assess; I wonder when
    they actually had the chance to learn something. I am an
    Air Force brat. I am proud of the title, but I see the stunned
    facial expressions every time I use the phrase with
    someone not accustomed to it.

    On 3/15/15, pktchr wrote:
    > On 3/15/15, Donna wrote:
    >> On 3/14/15, pktchr wrote:
    >>> back to a different district in IL. A little consistency
    >>> would have been helpful. Being a "military brat" isn't
    >>> easy.
    >> For the record, I hope no offense was taken with the
    >> of
    > the
    >> term "military brat". I'm a wife of a retired military
    >> man, we raised two "military brats", and I have taught
    >> a military
    > base.
    > My apologies. I've never cared for the term. The military
    > kids I've been around were for the most part far from
    > "brats". It's always bothered me that people who don't
    > know a lot of military kids might think the phrase is
    > accurate.