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I just came across this website and thought I would ask the experts. I am a speech pathologist and recently evaluated a 4 year old female. Mother and teacher expressed concern regarding the child's inability to name alphabet letters. They reported the child labels letters (examples below) as follows: W= child responds "starts with Will"; G= starts with Gabby; J= Jeremiah, S= Sophia. This child is also unable to rote count or identify numbers. Is this normal for a 4 year old who has been in daycare since birth and preschool this entire academic year? If not typical, does anyone know what her errors may indicate? Early dyslexia? Early Processing/Memory problems? Her naming ability was age appropriate given the Expressive One Word Picture Vocabulary Test. I'm not sure how this website works but my email is [email removed].
K teacher First, the child is only FOUR years old. That said, has she been exposed to the letters and the proper name for each? Just because she has been in daycare or even preschool, doesn't mean that anyone has taught them to her. I have many children who have come into kindergarten and when shown a letter answer with a noun that begins with that letter. i...See More
Apr 28, 2015
ACF, SLP Thank you, K teacher, for replying to my post. This child has been exposed to numbers/counting, letters and proper names for each. She comes from a lovely home where the mother has a Ph.D. and is a licensed social worker. The mother is actually a behavioral counselor for the children who attend our therapy clinic. She is very skilled in her knowled...See More
Apr 29, 2015
K teacher I certainly wouldn't dismiss the mother's concern and if it's a processing issue, that is more your field of expertise than mine. Exposing the child to the letters is important and it's also important to do it in many different ways - auditory, visual, kinesthetic because there are many different ways to learn. Make sure she has had many different ...See More
Apr 29, 2015
dspecialk I think you and her family are correct to be concerned about this child. If she has had as much exposure to letters and numbers as you have said, then you might be seeing the beginning stages of a learning disability. The fact that her brother was just found to have a processing disorder could possibly support your suspicions. There is research ava...See More
May 27, 2015
Hat This child sounds very normal to me.
Jun 16, 2015

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