Re: Very difficult parent and student

    Unfortunately at this point in the year you probably are not
    going to change her mind. You just have to keep documenting
    what the child does and the interventions that you have
    tried. Pass all this info on to the first grade teacher.
    Hopefully if the mother continues to hear about the same
    types of problems next year, she may start to change her
    mind. So often parents just aren't ready to hear it at the
    kindergarten level. Also, does this child have problems in
    special classes too? If so, get those teachers involved in
    the documentation process. I've had many students that have
    made me want to cry too! I totally understand how you are
    feeling. Hang in there. The school year is almost over.

    On 4/29/15, vt mommy wrote:
    > Hello!
    > I have a student who is sweetie but has much difficulty
    > controlling his body, his mouth, he is a huge disruption
    > to our days. I am at my wit's end. Mom does not at all
    > agree - has made this VERY clear - that any sort of extra
    > help is needed. I believe that he is sensory seeking and
    > have tried a special seat for him to sit on, koosh balls
    > etc. to manipulate when he is fidgety. He goes out for
    > motor breaks. He has a weighted vest that mom did
    > agree to. There are times I simply can't teach with him
    > in the room. I have tried rewards, consequences.
    > I want to cry. I so badly want him to feel successful but
    > it's very difficult - especially when the parent does not
    > share my views.
    > Any advice....
    > Thank you!
    > VTmommy