Re: Tables vs desks
    K teacher

    I have tables for my class and I'm fine without chair pockets
    or any fancy stuff because I don't find that they need either
    their library books or daily folder at their finger tips. When
    they unpack in the morning they put their folder on my
    reading table and I take out the homework, notes from
    home, etc. Then the empty folders are put into a plastic
    magazine holder and they stay there until the end of the day.
    Some years I have the students take the papers from their
    mailbox and put them into their folders and other years I do
    it - depends on the class. As for the library books, I have
    had them all in a crate on the floor and they can read any of
    the books that were checked out or I have them put the
    book they checked out into their own cubby (again, depends
    on the class).

    On 6/11/15, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    > For the past year, I've taught Kinder is an overflow room.
    > We started as a K-1 combination, but then went to straight
    > on the 4th week of school. So, my room was equipped
    > desks and chairs, rather than the traditional tables and
    > chairs. My students did okay with these, though despite
    > trying to teach them that everything goes into the "yellow
    > folder" to go home, the desk became the second "black
    > where things were stuffed.
    > Now I'm moving to a traditional kindergarten room. It has
    > tables. I have supply caddies, and a pencil box for each
    > student's pencils and crayons. But I'm at a loss about
    > to have the students do with their library book and their
    > go-home folder ("Yellow folder") every day.
    > What do you all do? My colleague uses these fancy
    > units at the ends of each table, but those are totally out
    > of my budget. I need something inexpensive -- something
    > looks like a million dollars on a dollar store budget.
    > Donna