Re: Advice

    Kindergarten is a unique grade and depending on where you
    teach, and the school where you teach, things can vary widely.
    If your children will come to you with no preschool, assume
    NOTHING! For some or all, this may be their first classroom
    experience and the first time away from their family. For those
    who haven't been to preschool, they may come with few, if any
    academic skills. If your population has been to preschool, they
    have an understanding of what it is all about.

    No matter what, take your time to teach all the routines and
    procedures the way you want them. Now is the time to think
    about how you want them to walk in line, hang up their things,
    sit on the rug, etc. Decide what it should look like and what it
    should sound like. Take it slow and easy, break it down into
    individual steps - the time you spend in the beginning will pay
    off the rest of the year. Don't expect to do any real academic
    teaching for the first few weeks - it's all about routines and

    Try and touch base with the returning K teachers at your school
    to find out how things are done - some teams plan together,
    some divide the work, and others do their own thing. See what
    the expectations are as part of the team.

    I just retired from teaching kindergarten and every year the first
    couple of weeks are exhausting. During the summer, make and
    freeze meals so that is one less thing you have to worry about.

    Hope you enjoy kindergarten as much as I did.