Re: Arm issues
    Get the kids involved. Use it as an opportunity to build co

    On 8/01/15, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    > Ah, sad....about a week ago I broke my arm....right one
    > and I am right handed. Am in a splint and doing what I
    > with my left hand. My husband has volunteered to help
    > come set up my room. Thank heavens I had already
    spent a few
    > days moving in and only had some heavier stuff left to do
    > before tackling bulletin boards.
    > I am more fearful of trying to teach children to write and
    > hold a pair of scissors when I don't have full abilities
    > with that hand. I also cannot tie my own shoes, much
    > the children's. Does anyone have any reasonable
    > Typing almost one-handed, btw. Excuse typos, please.
    > Donna