Re: Arm issues

    On 8/01/15, DonnaR/CA wrote:
    > Ah, sad....about a week ago I broke my arm....right one ...
    > and I am right handed. Am in a splint and doing what I can
    > with my left hand. My husband has volunteered to help me
    > come set up my room. Thank heavens I had already spent a few
    > days moving in and only had some heavier stuff left to do
    > before tackling bulletin boards.
    > I am more fearful of trying to teach children to write and
    > hold a pair of scissors when I don't have full abilities
    > with that hand. I also cannot tie my own shoes, much less
    > the children's. Does anyone have any reasonable suggestions?
    > Typing almost one-handed, btw. Excuse typos, please.
    > Donna

    Oh, no! As if this weren't already a challenging start up for
    you! If only I lived closer to you, I could come be your right
    arm (and you my left foot).

    Since you didn't mention one, I'm assuming you don't have an a
    para-pro assistant, so the suggestion to have a parent come in
    to assist is an excellent would be great if it were
    someone whose child was in K last year and knows some of the
    routines and procedures and can lend two hands to replace the
    one of yours that isn't available. Surely your administrator
    can arrange for some extra adult help during the day; don't
    hesitate to be the squeaky wheel in this case.

    Prioritize and let go of some tasks that don't need doing
    right away. Spend a lot of time discussing procedures and role
    playing to practice them.

    The kids can be helpful with each others needs (shoe tying,
    etc.) and as someone suggested, your incapacitation will
    elicit all kinds of help from students and build a sense of

    I'm very sorry this happened to you. Best of luck!
    BTW, How did it happen, Donna?