Re: Daily schedule

    On 8/28/15, Cabbage wrote:
    > I start my morning with fine motor centers that I rotate
    > day and change every two weeks.

    What types of things do you include? This is a great idea!

    I started out this year differently than I did all year, last
    year. Last year, we went directly to Morning Meeting.
    However, with kids coming in late, it was a constant
    interruption while I got them to put their stuff in the
    correct place and get themselves to Meeting.

    This year, I started out with an activity on their table each
    day. This week, it was Pattern Blocks, just for the free
    exploration. Next week, it will probably be Unifix/snap
    cubes. I'd like to see what others do. I really don't want
    to give them paperwork (which is what my colleague does) if I
    can help it.