Re: Behavior Management System?!

    If you felt that this was a good system and it worked for you,
    then stick with it. I used something similar but built in
    rewards as well as "punishment" . That said, each teacher in
    school put their own spin on this school-wide plan.

    On 9/06/15, Kat_Kong wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I am a 1st year Kinder teacher but was a sped teacher for
    > several years. The school I am at has said we must use a
    > color-coded behavior system with clips. Kids start every
    > day on Green, one infraction they move to yellow, another
    > to Orange and another to Red. If they are on red at
    > lunch they miss 5 minutes of recess. The system resets
    > at noon and if they are on Red at end o the day then
    > there is a phone call home and they miss 5 minutes of
    > Center time. Now, they scrapped this system. I actually
    > felt that it was effective. What type of behavior
    > management system(s) do you use?! I am considering just
    > having kids go to time out at their table seats for
    > infractions and then (based on how many times I have to
    > reprimand them) they lose center time??!