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Hi, I am a 1st year Kinder teacher but was a sped teacher for several years. The school I am at has said we must use a color-coded behavior system with clips. Kids start every day on Green, one infraction they move to yellow, another to Orange and another to Red. If they are on red at lunch they miss 5 minutes of recess. The system resets at noon and if they are on Red at end o the day then there is a phone call home and they miss 5 minutes of Center time. Now, they scrapped this system. I actually felt that it was effective. What type of behavior management system(s) do you use?! I am considering just having kids go to time out at their table seats for infractions and then (based on how many times I have to reprimand them) they lose center time??!
Flacka If you felt that this was a good system and it worked for you, then stick with it. I used something similar but built in rewards as well as "punishment" . That said, each teacher in school put their own spin on this school-wide plan.

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Sep 11, 2015

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