Re: sped student in gen ed

    Well, I don't have a lot to say about the needs of the other
    What I am going to say is about your own daughter's needs.
    You know she is not learning
    You know there is no changing what is happening from your
    side. What you could do is help her yourself to understand
    what is going on and to feel more secure- give her some
    skills to help her be brave, having her be less timid is not
    going to be a bad thing
    If you honestly feel like you have tried to help her
    understand what is happening with this child to the best of
    your ability, and it hasn't helped then move on.

    It seems like you have a different are really disagreeing
    with the situation on a fundamental level- examine that, it
    could be reason enough to move your child .

    good luck!