Re: sped student in gen ed

    This whole situation just breaks my heart. I had a first
    grade daughter who spent her year witnessing a violent
    child in her classroom. It affected her emotionally.

    I also had a sped child in my preK classroom (12 students)
    with no sped aide who was with me for two years. We
    managed. The sped people put him in public K with a
    teacher, no aide and 22 other students. The teacher tracked
    me down after I had moved to another city, desparate for
    suggestions for working with him as he too was hurting
    other children in his outbursts. Enough parents went to
    administration to demand changes due to safety reasons
    until they opened a self contained classroom for sped at
    the school with only 7 students. Are the other parents only
    complaining to the teacher or among themselves, or have
    they formed a united front to the administration?

    These children deserve a safe environment to learn,
    including the sped child. It sounds like the child already
    has an aide if I read your post correctly. That person
    should be anticipating the triggers and being proactive,
    not the teacher tending to the needs of the entire class.
    If the aide is unable or unwilling to do this part of the
    job, then the child is not learning in a least restrictive
    environment that works for him/her. To me it's time to call
    for another IEP meeting and update the IEP. That is not
    your call of course, but if enough parents ask that their
    child be pulled from the classroom due to safety reasons,
    maybe that could force the administration to take action.

    I hope you let us know how this gets resolved. November is
    pretty late in the school year to say the child hasn't
    acclimated to the environment. By now there should have
    been some settling down if it is only due to that.