Re: Young Kinder who hits

    Is it possible for the parents to sit in a class and
    observe his behaviors? I would make it clear to both
    parents and the boy that the parents are there to watch all
    the children and they will not be able to interact with him
    or the other children. Maybe if they saw him in action with
    them being in the room with expectations that he would be
    at his best behaviors could answer a lot of questions for
    everyone involved. You could meet with the parents later to
    answer their questions.

    I had a parent do that in her K son's classroom at another
    school for other reasons. He cried every day at school and
    couldn't say why. He had been in preschool for a couple
    years before that so she knew it wasn't due to separation
    anxiety. She was able to see the classroom atmosphere and
    expectations (way beyond his grasp at that time of his
    development - this was the beginning of the pushed down
    first grade in K) and the parent understood how out of
    place her son felt. She took him out and placed him in a
    more appropriate program that allowed him to learn at his
    developmental level.

    Anyway, I would think it would be worth it to try for the
    parent visit/s. I asked to an observation of a classroom
    many years ago, and the school allowed me to, but the
    administrators seemed surprised by the request. It is not
    common for parents to observe, but it certainly is a good
    tool for certain situations (like when parents are in
    denial and want to blame the program or teacher)

    Good luck. I hope you get the situation resolved in time to
    allow the boy to have a successful start in his school