Re: counting to 10

    I have had students without an IEP who have had trouble
    with this and then finally they get it, sometimes not until late
    in the year.

    Counting is rote memorization but try putting the counting to
    a song, do kinesthetic movement as you count (clap, stomp,
    etc), count steps as you walk down the hall so he has lots
    and lots of repetitions.

    For 1:1 give him a 10 frame and have him practice putting 1
    manipulative in each square and then have him touch each
    one as you count together.

    HI HO Cherrio is a good game for counting and there are a
    number of games for the iPad and computer that stress
    counting and number recognition. I would start with only 2
    or maybe 3 numbers to work on for number recognition and
    increase it as he learns those.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.

    On 12/09/15, elle wrote:
    > I have a student who can not count to 10. He is on an IEP
    > and gets help from the sped teacher, myself and paras and
    > still is having trouble counting to 10. He has no concept
    > of 1 to 1 and still does not recognize the numbers
    > themselves. Anyone have any tips on how to help him? He
    > very visual and very distracted when learning. He is 6
    > years old.