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I am currently doing a project on creating a product to aid the learning of dyslexic children. My product is a Rubik's cube with letters on it, so instead of matching the colors, the children will match the letters into simple 3 letter words. A part of my project is to get comments from kindergarten teachers on my product, and I would really appreciate it if you could take a bit of time to just give a few lines of feedback on my product. Thank you very much.
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Mr. Jackson Hi Cherrie. I think your idea to change a Rubik's Cube,
which is a toy into something more academic is quite a
creative idea, and there's a high possibility that it
might work out well.

However, I have one suggestion for you. I used to be a
nursery teacher, and now I teach at a primary school. I've
dealt with a few dyslexic...See More
Dec 29, 2015
I will bite The school is in Virginia

On 12/29/15, Cherrie wrote: > To "I will bite", would you mind telling me your school or the > location of your school so I can write it down on my project > papers? Thank you. > > On 12/29/15, Cherrie wrote: >> I don't think this website allows me to attach documents... >> Als...See More
Dec 29, 2015

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